Fabulous Friday: The Carrie Diaries

carrie diaries posterI was the one who cried during the last episode of Sex and the City. Not just because it was so beautiful, but because the show was over. The magic of watching each episode for the first time could never be re-created. (Even though I owned all the seasons and was watching about five years late.) Each movie brought my mom and I to the theater with contraband cosmopolitans in water bottles.

Watching The Carrie Diaries has been like rekindling that fire. It’s the story of Carrie during her high school years. Her mother has recently passed away. Carrie, her father, and her sister are adjusting to life without her. Carrie has just ignited her love affair with Manhattan, and is discovering her own style and personality. My favorite part of the pilot was at the end, when Carrie sat down with her diary, pulled her hair back with a scrunchie, and we saw her writing through her window. I literally sighed with happiness.

carrie bradshaw writing



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6 thoughts on “Fabulous Friday: The Carrie Diaries

  1. I love s&tc! It’s probably my favorite show and I could watch reruns for days. So you liked the Carrie Diaries? I didn’t watch it because I thought it would be too young for me but I’d love to see Carrie before NYC! I’ll have to watch the pilot.

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