Link-Share-Love: Quickie

HTP Cornbread Quiche – Cornbread is a favorite in my family. Wondering if egg whites would be good in this recipe to lower the calorie count…

How delicious does that look?
*photo courtesy Healthy Tipping Point

A Discussion on Armpit Hair – If you don’t read The Great Fitness Experiment, you should. Charlotte is just truly hilarious. I look forward to catching up on her posts over my lunch hour, as they’re always good for a laugh.

Panda Express Copycat Recipe – Because once I knew the calories in their orange chicken, I just couldn’t justify it… Might this recipe bring back what is missing in my life?

Operation Beautiful – Have you ever been lucky enough to find an inspiring Post-It in a public place? I have. It was this summer in the bathroom at Sam’s Club. It was awesome! Check out this site, run by Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point.

photo courtesy: Operation Beautiful

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