Weekly Workout Recap: Wedding Week!

It’s a stormy Sunday here in KC! B and I have been entertaining ourselves by dressing the puppies up in baby clothes. I was about to post a picture of this fun when I realized… I haven’t spilled the gender news on the blog yet! I feel like that kind of announcement deserves it’s own post, and shouldn’t just be thrown in with a workout recap. Sooooo… stay tuned tomorrow to find out whether we’ll be parents to a son or a daughter. (Nothing like a little cliffhanger to get you back to the blog, huh?)

This weekend, one of my very best friends married the man of her dreams. It couldn’t have been a more beautiful wedding. She looked absolutely stunning in her dress, and they both absolutely glowed as they stood looking at each other during the ceremony. Of course, I didn’t take anywhere near the amount of pictures I should have (I think that’s a good thing… it means I was enjoying the event!). We did manage to snap a few selfies on the trolley:

My best friend and me on the trolley--she was the maid (matron!) of honor.

My best friend and me on the trolley–she was the maid (matron!) of honor.

B and me on the trolley--he was an usher, and I was a bridesmaid.

B and me on the trolley–he was an usher, and I was a bridesmaid.

The only picture I got of the bride. I know, I'm terrible!

The only picture I got of the bride. I know, I’m terrible!

My regular stylist, Molly McPheter, happened to be doing the bride’s make-up for the wedding. I was so excited she was going to be there, because she’s phenomenal, so I had her do my hair. I’m pretty obsessed with how it turned out. As a matter of fact, while I’m typing this, I still haven’t taken it out! If you’re in the KC area and are looking for the best hair/make-up person around, check out Molly’s new salon, Roots and Branches. She’s expecting to open in July.

Back-of-head selfie

Back-of-head selfie

Despite being busy with wedding festivities this week, I did manage to get some good workouts in. Here’s how the week shaped up…

This Week’s Workouts

  • Sunday – Yoga @ Home
  • Monday – Hard Body Workout B
  • Tuesday – Rest
  • Wednesday – Hard Body Workout C
  • Thursday – Rest
  • Friday – Lower Body Workout (see below)
  • Saturday – Hour walk in the a.m.

For Friday’s lower body workout, I did a variation–a very varied variation–of Tina Reale’s 25 x 25 Lower Body Burnout. Since I can’t lay on my back, I took out the glute bridges (with all those squats and lunges, I think I got plenty of glutes in anyway), and since I have to monitor my heart rate, each round took wayyyyy longer than it normally would. In the interest of time and energy, my version  ended up looking like this:

2 rounds of…
25 sumo deadlifts (w/kettlebell)
25 reverse lunges (per leg)
25 front squats (Smith machine)
25 side lunges (per leg)

1 round of…
12 reps of each of those exercises

I was lucky to get my walk in before hail-producing thunderstorms moved in Saturday morning. One direction, the sky looked like this:

sunny skies

Sunny & beautiful

While the other direction it looked like this:

Sunny and beautiful

Stormy & ominous!

I also snapped a picture of my most recent predicament:


A belly selfie #preggoproblems

And I had these random thoughts while walking:

Does anyone else think these trees smell life fish? Are these cottonwood trees?

Does anyone else think these trees smell life fish? Are these cottonwood trees?

I rarely agree with or like graffiti, but this one I agree with!

I rarely agree with or appreciate graffiti, but this one is an exception.

Next Week’s Workouts

I’m coming up on a pretty busy week. No workout today, and I’m pretty busy the next two evenings as well. So, unless I get something in before work (which hasn’t happened since, uhhhh, November…), I might have three rest days in a row. SHOCK! Old Katie would never have allowed that to happen. Pregnant Katie is much more okay with it. Here’s how I’m thinking the week will go down…

  • Sunday (today) – Rest
  • Monday – Rest
  • Tuesday – Rest
  • Wednesday – Circuit training of some sort
  • Thursday – Yoga
  • Friday – Lower body workout
  • Saturday – Upper body workout

How was your week? Are you attending/in any weddings this spring/summer? (B and I have been to two now and have one more this summer, one that we’re missing, and at least two this fall.) What workouts do you have planned for the week?

Welcome, Readers!

Hello to all you readers from My Food ‘n Fitness Diaries! I am so honored to have my story featured on one of my favorite blogs. I’m so glad you stopped by.

You can read more about my experience with HA here: https://fitbuttfabulous.wordpress.com/category/health-2/amenorrhea/

Here was our pregnancy announcement, and here’s where I spilled all the details.

Thanks for reading–I’m so glad you stopped by!

A no-makeup selfie to welcome you to the blog!

A no-makeup selfie to welcome you to the blog!

Back to the Blender

Last Wednesday, I squeezed in a quick gym workout after work, knowing that I only had about 30 minutes and would have to get right to church for a handbell rehearsal afterwards. Knowing that I wouldn’t be able to wait until I got home to eat (even pre-pregnancy Katie could not have waited that long!), I ordered my first-every gym-café protein shake.

Oh. My. Yumminess. It was INCREDIBLE!

I ordered their Peanut Butter Chip, which included PB2, chocolate chips, and protein powder (plus, I asked for a handful of spinach) all for 270 cal and 31g of protein. I don’t know if they just buy better protein than I do, or what, but it was so freakin’ good.

Ever since then, I’ve been back on the protein shake bandwagon. They’re just such a good way to get in your protein, freggies, and even dairy (if you’re a dairy person). I decided to spend a little time re-visiting some of my favorite protein shake concoctions, and scrounging up some new ones to try in the coming days:

Old Favorites

  • Basic Green Smoothie: 1 banana, 1 apple, 1 handful spinach, vanilla protein powder, 1 C milk or water
  • Blueberry Muffin: vanilla protein powder, 1/2 C frozen blueberries, 1/2 C Greek yogurt, 1 C milk, splash of vanilla (I sometimes use 1 Tbsp FF/SF vanilla pudding mix instead)
  • Raspberry Truffle: chocolate protein powder, 1 frozen banana, 1/2 C frozen raspberries, 1/3 C Greek yogurt, 1 C milk
Blueberry Muffin Shake

Blueberry Muffin Shake – please excuse this terrible-quality, old picture!!

Raspberry Truffle Shake + Spinach (see the nasty color?)

Raspberry Truffle Shake + Spinach (see the nasty color?)

New Ones to Try

Tips for a Delicious Shake

  • I use ice cubes to thicken mine up. At the end of blending, I just throw in a handful and turn it up to high speed.
  • You can use whatever milk you like. My favorite is unsweetened vanilla almond milk–more calcium, less calories, and healthy fats.
  • Spinach can be added to any shake without changing the flavor (even chocolate-y ones). It might make the color look a little unappealing, but I promise, it will taste the same and add lots of nutrients to boot!

Now I want to hear from you–what is your go-to protein shake recipe?

Why I Quit CrossFit (For Now)

The title of this post gives it away, but it’s true, readers. I put in my notice at our CrossFit gym. It isn’t that I wasn’t still enjoying CrossFit, and it isn’t that I couldn’t do the workouts anymore, and it isn’t that I’m going to sit on my butt for the rest of this pregnancy. It was really a multitude of things:

  1. My CrossFit coach is including a lot of speed and agility work right now, which I would normally LOVE, but just isn’t my thing right now.
  2. It takes 20+ minutes to get to CrossFit, and only 3 minutes to get to the normal gym.
  3. I showed up one day, not knowing what the workout was, and it was dodgeball. (Didn’t seem like a smart idea for pregnancy.)
  4. Since my workouts are fewer these days (usually 4-5 days a week), I like to know what I’m going to be doing when I get there. I count on CrossFit for strength training, and when the WOD is something different, I find myself disappointed.
  5. I just have to modify a lot right now. It began to feel like I was going to be spending the next 4 1/2 months doing nothing but ring rows, push presses, and hanging leg raises.

My coach was super understanding, and said I’m still welcome to tag along with B up to once a week if I’d like to. I told her that I’m really hoping to fit it into my schedule post-baby, and we left it at that. I’m going to miss the CrossFit community! But at least I’ll get to check in every once in a while.

Since then, I’ve been using the Hard Body Workouts from Women’s Health (love these circuits) three days a week, and just modifying a few of the movements or swapping them out when I get bored.

If you’ve been pregnant, how did you modify your normal workout routine?

If you haven’t–do you prefer to know what you’re doing in advance, or let someone surprise you?

P.S. We are going in at 3pm for our 20-week ultrasound!!! Here’s hoping that Baby Hearn decides to give us a sneak peek between his or her legs :-)

Catching Up

Well, hello, blog readers! Guess what, I didn’t completely forget about you. However, I have realized something: building a human is HARD WORK. I spend most of my free time napping or crashing in front of the TV these days, and although it doesn’t seem like typing up a blog post every now and then should be too exhausting… I just haven’t felt like it. But, one of the nice things about casual blogging is that I can pick it up again whenever I feel like it. So, here’s a quick update on what’s going on in my life:


Week 14 (March 9th, I believe?!)

Week 14 (March 9th, I believe?!)

Week 17 (two weeks ago!)

Week 17 (two weeks ago!)

Yes, it’s true. My belly has POPPED. I’ve had people ask me if I’m 7 months pregnant, and also if it’s twins. (Isn’t it funny how some people still don’t know how to keep their mouth shut and give socially-acceptable comments? Geesh.)

Honestly, though, I LOVE IT! I have been flaunting my bump. Dresses and skirts are most comfortable these days, and I’m officially wearing only maternity pants. I cleaned out my closet of anything that doesn’t fit me right now, and… it’s pretty bare bones. I’m still wearing pre-pregnancy shirts, but only the roomier ones. And I invested in some larger tank tops from the “regular” department, because the maternity tanks were just too cutesy for me (I may be about to be a mom, but I don’t need polka dots and anchors on everything, Old Navy…). I also hit up a consignment shop and found some CUTE stuff for super cheap.

I also had to break down and buy Baby Hearn’s first onesie. I love the adorable Paddington Bear line that Gap had this winter. And this cute little gender-neutral option was on clearance!

If you can't read the tag it says "Please look after this bear." SO CUTE!

If you can’t read the tag it says “Please look after this bear.” SO CUTE!


CrossFit Open WOD 14.5 Preggo-Style

CrossFit Open WOD 14.5 Preggo-Style

I’ve still been CrossFitting 1-2 times/week (I look at the workout ahead of time, and if it’s sprinting or agility, I usually just do my own thing–nothing about me is speedy or agile these days). I shoot for 3 strength training sessions a week, and have still been using the Hard Body Workouts or variations of my old interval training plans. I’ve learned that running during pregnancy is just not for me. For one thing, it’s hard to keep my heart rate low enough. And for a second thing, it just makes me have to pee.

At this point, I am modifying all exercises on my back (either moving to an inclined postion, or substituting a different exercise altogether). Last week at CrossFit, I learned that I’m no longer physically capable of doing pull-ups. I tried! But since I can no longer engage my ab muscles (at least, not like I used to), I just couldn’t pull myself up to that bar without really straining (even with much more assistance than I normally use). So, I’m substituting ring rows for pull-ups. (CrossfitMom still serves as an AWESOME resource for expected mommies who want to keep strength training.)

My overall pregnancy fitness philosophy is to do what I can, when I can. If I get to the gym and get my body in motion, I call it a success.


Oh man, have I been hungry. One minute I still feel full from my last meal, and the next second I am starving. Like… will-eat-the-next-edible-object-that-crosses-my-path starving. Like… gave-in-to-cheddary-Bugles-last-week-because-they-were-the-only-thing-available-to-me starving. Like… I-eat-three-snacks-between-breakfast-and-lunch starving.

All of my aversions from the first trimester have completely dissipated, which means I’m able to fulfill these hunger pains with healthier notions. (Notice I said I’m able to, not that I always do… hello, Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter!) At my last doctor’s appointment, I’d gained four pounds since the start of my pregnancy. I’m expecting it to be higher at my next appointment (duh!), but I think I’m still gaining a healthy amount.


Life-wise, things have been a little hectic lately. In March, B and I barely saw each other for two weeks. I went to Jackon, MS over spring break to visit my cousin, and literally passed B driving home from the airport as he was headed for a flight to Monterey, CA for a business trip for five days. He returned, we saw each other for one day, then I jetted off to Chicago for the weekend for a friend’s bachelorette party. Then, he had a crazy week of business conferences (in town, but still busy). Finally, we’re both home–for now.

(And here’s a photo dump from Chicago. Notice that the first picture is of food. This is the life of a pregnant woman. Ready, GO!)

donuts Chicago Chase Bank Shamrock Shuffle City at night Katie Kelly Mollie sunglasses City

We are both in a wedding at the end of the month, have another wedding to attend this weekend, and the weekend in between is Easter–which will include our gender reveal (!!!!!!) with our families.

Work-wise, it’s testing season… and the testing systems are barely-functioning. Which means that patience and flexibility is the name of the game these days. (That’s tough for my fourth-graders who are so routine driven. I’m not sure how many more times I can get them geared up to “Do their best on the test!”… and then have them all get an error message and have to reschedule the testing session.)

In the midst of all that chaos, we had carpet installed in the nursery, so we also had to find some time last weekend to paint the room.Sadly, B’s good friend passed away in a car accident recently. So, this is an unexpected half day off work for me, as we prepare for the funeral later this morning. (Prayers for the family in the midst of their grief, please. It is shocking to have lost a young life so abruptly.)

Sadly, B’s good friend passed away in a car accident recently. So, this is an unexpected half day off work for me, as we prepare for the funeral later this morning. (Prayers for the family in the midst of their grief, please. It is shocking to have lost a young life so abruptly.)

Phew! Just typing it all makes me want to take a nap.

How have you been lately? Did you miss me? :-)