Weekly Workout Recap: The Filthy 50 & an Arm-Blasting Workout

Hello Readers!

My plan for this week’s workout update was to post some 10-week progress pictures (since I’m planning to do them every two weeks). However, I wasn’t in much of a picture-taking mood yesterday. At 3am I woke up with a horrible stomachache and body cramps, and spent the whole day laying on the couch, sipping Sprite, and nibbling on saltines. I’m so sad to say I broke my 8-year vomit-free streak… Luckily, it appears to have been a 24-hour bug, because I woke up this morning feeling very much better. I took the day off to rest, recover, and rehydrate.

This Week’s Workouts

  • Monday - Total body circuit training workout that I made up on the fly. Basically, I used supersets from many of my interval training workouts, then ended with an toning arm-blaster that looked like this:

Arm Blaster

  • Tuesday (Snow Day #1) - At-home Pilates/Yoga workout due to the massive amounts of snow we got!
  • Wednesday (Snow Day #2) - The roads were clear enough to get to 5:30pm CrossFit. We did the Filthy 50 and it stunk to do while trying to keep my heart rate below 150.

Filthy FiftyI made lots of modifications (as I’ve been doing for my pregnancy). I did… step-ups for box jumps, 25 lb. kettlebell, ab-mat sit-ups for knees-to-elbows (I need to work on these since sit-ups will be out when I hit my second trimester), 35 lb. push press, 12 lb. wall balls, football burpees, and single unders. Even with these modifications, I could still only do about 12-15 reps at a time of most of the exercises without my heartrate getting too high. This served as a lesson for leaving my ego at the door for these pregnant workouts!

  • Thursday (Snow Day #3) - Yoga class
  • Friday - Rest
  • Saturday - CrossFit (lots of body weight movements, like push-ups, sit-ups, and ring rows)
  • Sunday - Flu :-(

Next Week’s Workouts

  • Well, I’m definitely planning to take today off since I’m still recovering from the flu.
  • Tuesday - This is usually CrossFit date night, but depending on how I’m feeling I might do some light cardio instead.
  • Wednesday - My usual mid-week rest day, since I have a lot of church activities in the evening.
  • Thursday - Probably won’t get a workout in because I have to take a PRAXIS (teacher’s) test in the evening, following by Faith Club.
  • Friday - Hopefully a quick workout after work before we go out to dinner for Valentine’s Day.
  • Saturday - CrossFit
  • Sunday - Cardio

My schedule doesn’t allow for many workouts this week. Previously, I would have gotten up at 5am to squeeze in workouts before the day started, however, I’m not doing that during pregnancy–sleep is way more important! Instead, I’m just realizing that some weeks I might not get five workouts in. And you know what? I’ll be okay.

How were your workouts last week? What do you have on tap for this week?


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2 thoughts on “Weekly Workout Recap: The Filthy 50 & an Arm-Blasting Workout

  1. I have such a busy week this week, too, and I just can’t motivate myself to get up early for a workout! I’m running a half marathon this Sunday, so I guess I can correlate the lack of workouts to “taper week.” :)

    • Sounds like a good plan to me–I bet you’ll feel strong and rested for your run. Good luck with your half! I will look forward to reading an update and living vicariously through you–can’t wait to run another half post-baby!

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