Why I Quit CrossFit (For Now)

The title of this post gives it away, but it’s true, readers. I put in my notice at our CrossFit gym. It isn’t that I wasn’t still enjoying CrossFit, and it isn’t that I couldn’t do the workouts anymore, and it isn’t that I’m going to sit on my butt for the rest of this pregnancy. It was really a multitude of things:

  1. My CrossFit coach is including a lot of speed and agility work right now, which I would normally LOVE, but just isn’t my thing right now.
  2. It takes 20+ minutes to get to CrossFit, and only 3 minutes to get to the normal gym.
  3. I showed up one day, not knowing what the workout was, and it was dodgeball. (Didn’t seem like a smart idea for pregnancy.)
  4. Since my workouts are fewer these days (usually 4-5 days a week), I like to know what I’m going to be doing when I get there. I count on CrossFit for strength training, and when the WOD is something different, I find myself disappointed.
  5. I just have to modify a lot right now. It began to feel like I was going to be spending the next 4 1/2 months doing nothing but ring rows, push presses, and hanging leg raises.

My coach was super understanding, and said I’m still welcome to tag along with B up to once a week if I’d like to. I told her that I’m really hoping to fit it into my schedule post-baby, and we left it at that. I’m going to miss the CrossFit community! But at least I’ll get to check in every once in a while.

Since then, I’ve been using the Hard Body Workouts from Women’s Health (love these circuits) three days a week, and just modifying a few of the movements or swapping them out when I get bored.

If you’ve been pregnant, how did you modify your normal workout routine?

If you haven’t–do you prefer to know what you’re doing in advance, or let someone surprise you?

P.S. We are going in at 3pm for our 20-week ultrasound!!! Here’s hoping that Baby Hearn decides to give us a sneak peek between his or her legs :-)

Catching Up

Well, hello, blog readers! Guess what, I didn’t completely forget about you. However, I have realized something: building a human is HARD WORK. I spend most of my free time napping or crashing in front of the TV these days, and although it doesn’t seem like typing up a blog post every now and then should be too exhausting… I just haven’t felt like it. But, one of the nice things about casual blogging is that I can pick it up again whenever I feel like it. So, here’s a quick update on what’s going on in my life:


Week 14 (March 9th, I believe?!)

Week 14 (March 9th, I believe?!)

Week 17 (two weeks ago!)

Week 17 (two weeks ago!)

Yes, it’s true. My belly has POPPED. I’ve had people ask me if I’m 7 months pregnant, and also if it’s twins. (Isn’t it funny how some people still don’t know how to keep their mouth shut and give socially-acceptable comments? Geesh.)

Honestly, though, I LOVE IT! I have been flaunting my bump. Dresses and skirts are most comfortable these days, and I’m officially wearing only maternity pants. I cleaned out my closet of anything that doesn’t fit me right now, and… it’s pretty bare bones. I’m still wearing pre-pregnancy shirts, but only the roomier ones. And I invested in some larger tank tops from the “regular” department, because the maternity tanks were just too cutesy for me (I may be about to be a mom, but I don’t need polka dots and anchors on everything, Old Navy…). I also hit up a consignment shop and found some CUTE stuff for super cheap.

I also had to break down and buy Baby Hearn’s first onesie. I love the adorable Paddington Bear line that Gap had this winter. And this cute little gender-neutral option was on clearance!

If you can't read the tag it says "Please look after this bear." SO CUTE!

If you can’t read the tag it says “Please look after this bear.” SO CUTE!


CrossFit Open WOD 14.5 Preggo-Style

CrossFit Open WOD 14.5 Preggo-Style

I’ve still been CrossFitting 1-2 times/week (I look at the workout ahead of time, and if it’s sprinting or agility, I usually just do my own thing–nothing about me is speedy or agile these days). I shoot for 3 strength training sessions a week, and have still been using the Hard Body Workouts or variations of my old interval training plans. I’ve learned that running during pregnancy is just not for me. For one thing, it’s hard to keep my heart rate low enough. And for a second thing, it just makes me have to pee.

At this point, I am modifying all exercises on my back (either moving to an inclined postion, or substituting a different exercise altogether). Last week at CrossFit, I learned that I’m no longer physically capable of doing pull-ups. I tried! But since I can no longer engage my ab muscles (at least, not like I used to), I just couldn’t pull myself up to that bar without really straining (even with much more assistance than I normally use). So, I’m substituting ring rows for pull-ups. (CrossfitMom still serves as an AWESOME resource for expected mommies who want to keep strength training.)

My overall pregnancy fitness philosophy is to do what I can, when I can. If I get to the gym and get my body in motion, I call it a success.


Oh man, have I been hungry. One minute I still feel full from my last meal, and the next second I am starving. Like… will-eat-the-next-edible-object-that-crosses-my-path starving. Like… gave-in-to-cheddary-Bugles-last-week-because-they-were-the-only-thing-available-to-me starving. Like… I-eat-three-snacks-between-breakfast-and-lunch starving.

All of my aversions from the first trimester have completely dissipated, which means I’m able to fulfill these hunger pains with healthier notions. (Notice I said I’m able to, not that I always do… hello, Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter!) At my last doctor’s appointment, I’d gained four pounds since the start of my pregnancy. I’m expecting it to be higher at my next appointment (duh!), but I think I’m still gaining a healthy amount.


Life-wise, things have been a little hectic lately. In March, B and I barely saw each other for two weeks. I went to Jackon, MS over spring break to visit my cousin, and literally passed B driving home from the airport as he was headed for a flight to Monterey, CA for a business trip for five days. He returned, we saw each other for one day, then I jetted off to Chicago for the weekend for a friend’s bachelorette party. Then, he had a crazy week of business conferences (in town, but still busy). Finally, we’re both home–for now.

(And here’s a photo dump from Chicago. Notice that the first picture is of food. This is the life of a pregnant woman. Ready, GO!)

donuts Chicago Chase Bank Shamrock Shuffle City at night Katie Kelly Mollie sunglasses City

We are both in a wedding at the end of the month, have another wedding to attend this weekend, and the weekend in between is Easter–which will include our gender reveal (!!!!!!) with our families.

Work-wise, it’s testing season… and the testing systems are barely-functioning. Which means that patience and flexibility is the name of the game these days. (That’s tough for my fourth-graders who are so routine driven. I’m not sure how many more times I can get them geared up to “Do their best on the test!”… and then have them all get an error message and have to reschedule the testing session.)

In the midst of all that chaos, we had carpet installed in the nursery, so we also had to find some time last weekend to paint the room.Sadly, B’s good friend passed away in a car accident recently. So, this is an unexpected half day off work for me, as we prepare for the funeral later this morning. (Prayers for the family in the midst of their grief, please. It is shocking to have lost a young life so abruptly.)

Sadly, B’s good friend passed away in a car accident recently. So, this is an unexpected half day off work for me, as we prepare for the funeral later this morning. (Prayers for the family in the midst of their grief, please. It is shocking to have lost a young life so abruptly.)

Phew! Just typing it all makes me want to take a nap.

How have you been lately? Did you miss me? :-)

Weekly Workout Recap: And I’m Feeeeelin’ Goooood

If I gave this week a nickname, it would be “The Week of Renewed Energy”. People sure know what they’re talking about when they say your energy comes back for the second trimester. This marks the end of my thirteenth week (Bump picture update to come soon! The hubby is not home to snap the photo right now.) and I feel phenomenally more like myself.

That being said, it was a great week for workouts! Here’s how they panned out:

This Week’s Workouts

  • Monday - 25 min. elliptical
  • Tuesday - CrossFit
  • Wednesday - rest
  • Thursday - Total Body Workout from PB Fingers
  • Friday – 45 min. treadmill incline walk + elliptical
  • Saturday - CrossFit
  • Sunday - rest (And off to get my first prenatal massage. AhhhhRelief for my aching back!)

Since I am going into Trimester Two, I made a couple more modifications this week. During Wednesday’s workout, I noticed that bicycles and crunches were feeling a little uncomfortable. Not like they hurt, not like I couldn’t do them–just like it was tough to contract my abs and I didn’t really feel like they were effective around my new bump. I decided it’s time to modify and have been doing knees-to-elbows on the captain’s chair or the pull-up bar instead. (Phew! Those are a lot tougher! My upper abdominals definitely notice this more challenging exercise.)

I also had B snap this picture during CrossFit Tuesday night while we were back-squatting. My bump’s not stopping me from rocking those weights! (This is just 105#, though, which is not a very challenging back squat weight for me. I am following my doctor’s orders not to strain while weight lifting.)

CrossFit at 13 weeks

Next Week’s Workouts

We have a fun week ahead, with dinner theater tickets one evening and a friend in from out-of-town. It may be a lighter week on the workout front, but that’s something I’ve learned to be okay with.

  • Monday - CrossFit
  • Tuesday - Rest (dinner theater)
  • Wednesday - Rest (church activities)
  • Thursday - Yoga in the a.m.? If I can handle getting up and being active before breakfast :-) Otherwise, it’ll be another rest day.
  • Friday - Cardio
  • Saturday - CrossFit

How were your workouts this week?

Menu Plan Monday

Last week’s menu plan went pretty well. Okay, there were some changes:

  1. My favorite Chickpea, Chicken, & Cashew Stir-Fry was brought in Thursday night as a substitute for baked potatoes, only we used Trader Joe’s chicken sausage–yum!
  2. I never got around to making the Pear Quinoa Salad. Let’s hope it’s good, because I’m still planning to bring it to a shower soon (it sure looks delicious!).

We did make the Skinny Orange Chicken, but to be honest, it was nothing to write home about. The consistency of the sauce was kind of… gummy… and the flavor, while not bad per-say, was not very orange chicken-y. It’s possible that if I’d been more careful with the measurements, it would have been a little better, but I don’t think that was the whole issue.

This week our schedule is a little crazier, and we won’t be eating many meals together at home. But I do still have some cooking to do:

  • Monday – A new Crock Pot recipe! I’m going to try these Slow Cooker Chicken Black Bean Tacos from Skinnytaste. It looks super easy–no pre-cooking of anything–so I’ll throw it in the fridge in the morning, B will start the Crock Pot at lunch, and by the time I get home from my afterschool appt and workout, we’ll be ready to eat! The cook time says 2 hours on high, but I’m going to try 5-6 hours on low and then the “keep warm” setting. Hopefully that won’t dry out the meat too much.
  • Tuesday - CrossFit Date Night. We usually end up super-hungry and stopping somewhere on our way home.
  • Wednesday - I have parent-teacher conferences, and then church activities, so we’ll be on our own for dinner. (Sounds like mine might be a PB&J in the car.)
  • Thursday - I am hosting Faith Club and have a menu planned just for this occasion: Vegetable Pizza, Trader Joe’s Reduced-Guilt Brownies (made with vanilla Greek yogurt and absolutely delicious if you’ve never tried them!), Goldfish Bowl Bites, Fruit, and wine (sparkling grape juice for me and my pregnant buddy!).
  • Friday - Hosting Game Night for two good friends. We’ll order a pizza, and have some salad and dessert. Possibly more wine (for them) and grape juice (for me).
  • Saturday – No plans in the Hearn house! Maybe make spaghetti at home wince we have such a busy week.
  • Sunday - Crazy day for B, since he’s so involved with stuff at our church right now. We usually end up eating separately–him at a church meeting, and me scrounging something up at home.

What new recipes or old favorites do you have planned for the week?


Weekly Workout Recap: A Taste of Spring

“Real spring in Nova Scotia arrives late, and it was still a long way off. But even in February, there can be days that are so sunny and bright, so deceptively warm, so promising, that even native Nova Scotians–who should know better–find themselves thinking that spring must be just around the corner. Today was just such a day.”

The above quote is from Before Green Gables by Budge Wilson. (Yes, the book is exactly what it sounds like–a prequel to Anne of Green Gables. And, for all of you “Anne with an -e” fans out there, yes, it is marvelously well-done and I do not think it will ruin the story for you at all. I have been devouring this book over the last few days.) I loved this description, and read it aloud to B, because it so aptly describes what we’ve experienced this week. Just replace “Nova Scotia” with “Kansas” and you have an understanding of how we’re all feeling in the Midwest.

The 50- and 60-degree temperatures this week brought a few of my planned-for-inside-strength-training sessions out to the sidewalk. I just couldn’t bear not to be outside. So, here’s what my week in workouts looked like:

This Week’s Workouts

  • Monday - 45 minute walk, listening to Jillian’s latest podcast (she turned 40 this week!)
  • Tuesday - 30 minute run/walk, sans earbuds, just enjoying the beautiful evening
  • Wednesday - Rest
  • Thursday - Yoga
  • Friday - 40 minute run/walk, listening to This American Life
  • Saturday - CrossFit
  • Sunday - probably will be a rest day, but maybe something light in the afternoon

It felt so good to run a couple times this week. I haven’t run much since my pregnancy began–not really because I was afraid to or too tired, but because the sidewalks have been covered in ice and snow for almost the last two months! I could have run on the treadmill, but that seems a little risky to me. I misstep and almost fall off the machine often when I’m not pregnant, that I think I’ll stick to incline walking and elliptical for my indoor workouts. The running felt great–not at all uncomfortable–but I have to take a lot of walking breaks when my heart rate gets above 150, so it’s really more of a run/walk interval workout.

Our CrossFit workout on Saturday was Diane, which is 21-15-9 reps of of deadlift and handstand push-ups. I was a little disappointed to realize that my deadlift was going to have to be a lot lighter during pregnancy. I had read that this was one of the first lifts to modify, and I wasn’t sure why… until I tried to get into position and realized my belly couldn’t rest on my thighs and still allow my back to be as straight as it needed to be. I had to widen my feet out a bit, almost to sumo position, and with my form thrown off I just couldn’t lift as heavy as I was used to. That’s okay, though. As I’m learning each week, this will be a nine-month plateau and maintenance of my fitness. I can get back to kickin’ butt and takin’ names once Baby H is here.

Handstand push-ups are also out for preggos. (Not that I could do them to begin with.) Since the recommendation is to avoid going upside down during pregnancy, and the alternative is hand-release push-ups (which involve laying on your belly, also not something I’m comfortable with anymore), I opted to work on shoulder strength with a push press. This is also what I’m learning about CrossFitting while pregnant: you just have to be flexible and willing to modify a workout to fit your needs and capabilities. There’s no reason not to CrossFit (well, with your doctor’s approval), it just has to be understood that your workout might look a little different than other people’s.

So, my modified Diane, with a lighter deadlift and a challenging push press, took me well above the 10-minute mark (I didn’t even look at my final time) since I have to build in so many breaks to allow my heartrate to recover. But you know what? I still did it, and I’m hamstrings and upper back are sore today, so I must’ve done something right.

Next Week’s Workouts

  • Monday - Cardio
  • Tuesday - CrossFit
  • Wednesday - Rest
  • Thursday - Cardio or at-home Yoga
  • Friday - Cardio
  • Saturday - CrossFit
  • Sunday - Rest or Yoga

I don’t think my cardio workouts will be outdoors as much this week–the temperatures are supposed to drop back down into the 20s and 30s. Not that it would be unbearable (I used to run in much colder temps!), but if I can go indoors, I’ll probably choose that option.

Baby H Update

Bump pictures will only be happening once every two weeks. But I did want to share that we had another ultrasound/doctor’s appointment this week, and everything looks great! Baby H measured right on schedule and had a faster heartbeat this time of 170 (whew!). I have a feeling Baby H is a girl, and last night dreamed she was here and we had named her Ella (this is not a name we have even been considering!). We were so happy in the dream, and little Ella was absolutely healthy and beautiful.

I need to get better about taking pictures to go with my posts… if you actually stuck around ’til the end, I’m impressed!

How was your week? Did you have beautiful weather to enjoy?

Menu Plan Monday: Getting out of this pregnancy rut


That’s what pregnancy did to me the last several weeks, especially when it came to cooking. Basically, the question “What’s for dinner?” became “What food sounds like you could possibly eat it tonight, Katie?” Although I haven’t experienced any morning sickness, I have experienced some severe aversions and cravings. One day, I caved and ate Spaghetti-O’s for dinner. Spaghetti-O’s! I haven’t had those since probably junior high. (Okay, I did at least choose an organic version from Trader Joe’s that had all real-food ingredients, so it wasn’t that bad.)

Now that my appetite is beginning to return, I’m determined to get out of this rut. So, I perused my Dinner Debut Pinterest board yesterday and chose two new recipes to try this week: Skinny Orange Chicken is on the menu for Monday night. And I’m going to test a Pear Quinoa Salad recipe–if it’s any good, I’m hoping to bring it to a friend’s bridal shower in a couple of weeks. Here’s what the rest of our week looks like:

  • Monday: Skinny Orange Chicken
  • Tuesday: Out to dinner to celebrate my dad’s birthday (the big 6-0!)
  • Wednesday: Busy with church/work activities–probably grab dinner at Chipotle or the HyVee salad bar!
  • Thursday: Baked Potatoes
  • Friday: Wing it–depends on what we decide to do this night! Possibly an at-home pizza/salad with a movie.
  • Saturday: A friend’s Clue-themed birthday party
  • Weekday Lunches: Pear Quinoa Salad

Baked potatoes are a new favorite of mine. I pinned a way to make a “Better Baked Potato”, so I think we might bake ‘em up that way on Thursday. I like to top mine with cottage cheese, some deli meat, and broccoli. I feel like it’s a perfect pregnancy food–full of protein, dairy, and veggies while being easy on the stomach.

What are your favorite baked potato toppings?

Have you tried any good new recipes lately?